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Organizationis a NSF organization responsible either for managing or funding the award. NSF is divided into directorates and administrative offices. The directorates correspond to a Budget Activity in the Research and Related Appropriation or to the Education and Human Resources Appropriation. Each directorate is divided into Divisions, corresponding to a budget sub-activity.

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Fiscal Year is the fiscal year of action based upon the award date.

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Institution Type The type of institution submitting the awarded proposal.

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Research Support supports activities that enabl the United States to uphold world leadership in all aspects of science and engineering, by maintaining the overall health of science and engineering across all disciplines. Moreover, research activities support areas of inquiry that are criterical for long-term U.S. economic strength and security.

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Education & Human Resources defines and implements an investment strategy for education and human resource development. EHR programs are unique with the federal enterprise, representing an inter-connected and comprehensive set of activities that encompass every educational level and type of learning (e.g. formal, informal) in all regions of the country.

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Academic Research Infrastructure responds to the need for renewal and improvement of the infrastructure necessary for successful conduct of research and research training at U.S. academic institutions. This account was elimiated in FY 1997. The amounts and counts are included in the Total.

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Major Research Equipment account was established in FY 1995 to provide funding for the construction of major research facilities that provide unique capablitities at the cutting edge of science and engineering. Projects supported by this account are intended to expand the boundaries of technology and will offer significant new research opportunies, frequently in totally new directions, for the science and engineering community. Operations and maintence costs of the facilities are provided through Research Support.

The accounts supports:

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Directorate correspond to a Budget Activity in the Research and Related Appropriation or to the Education and Human Resources Appropriation. The following table shows the Directorate abbreviations and names:
BFA Budget, Finance & Award Management
BIO Biological Sciences
CSE Computer & Info Science & Engineering
EHR Education & Human Resources
ENG Engineering
GEO Geoscience
MPS Mathematical & Physical Science
NCO National Coordination Office
O/D Office of the Director
SBE Social, Behavioral & Economic Science

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